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My sound work includes both instrumental music, electroacoustic music, acousmatic music and sound installations. Far from addressing these creative facets as independent elements I try to trace a continuum based on the creation of networks between these disciplines. What unifies my creative work is the permanent research in what I call "Spectro-morphological composition by differentiated layers in a holophonic creation framework" At the same time, I draw graphic notation systems derived from conventional notation, I use and create systems interactive musicals and I have developed the concept of "sound score".

My work and creative research is intensely focused on the creation and study of electroacoustic, multimedia and audiovisual musical relationships, as I consider that they are part of and undoubtedly make up the DIGITAL OCEAN in which we live today. A sub-aspect of this line of work, and which occupies a large part of my work, is the development of interactive musical works that explore different types and levels of musical interactivity with the aim of exploring other relationships between work-music- public

As a pianist he has worked with Vladimir Karpov (Russia/Spain), Ángel Soler (Spain) and Jean-Pierre Dupuy (Spain/France). He has received advice from Gian Franco Ricci and Andras Kemen.

My piano work spans different genres and aesthetics making wide use of the instrument with a repertoire ranging from free improvised music, with my solo project "From the ruins" for piano and electronic music, to the minimalist and neoclassical music, passing through contemporary music with electronics and video,

As an electroacoustic organist I develop a concert program based on the relationships between this "analog" synthesizer that is the pipe organ and electronic music. DISCONTINUM ENEREGIC is the framework that allows the development of a listening and concert proposal based on the interactions between these devices.


I'm perform different kinds of piano programs and pipe organ programs:

* "From the ruins". prepared piano solo and electronic music: Teaser 1 /// Teaser 2

* Different programs and composers: Cage, Debussy, Satie, Stockhausen, Brahms, Sakamoto, Chick Corea, Brad Medlhau, Joan Bagés, Philipp Glass, Metallica, Guns and Roses, Mozart, Scelsi, Pierre Schaeffer, etc...

Programa Concert 1
Programa Concert 2
Programa Concert 3
Programa Concert 4
Programa Concert 5
Programa Concert 6 (I) /// Programa Concert 6 (II)
Programa Concert 7
Programa Concert 8
Programa Concert 9
Programa Concert 10: Teaser 1 - Teaser 2
Programa Concert 11
Programa Concert 11

* Pipe organ:

Programa Concert Orgue 0

Programa Concert Orgue 1


I develop different approaches to write music:

    - Contemporary music.

    - Spectra morphologic composition

    - Sonorous Score

    - Compositions generated in real time by an Interactive Music System

      Graphic Scores


* Le Déluge Version 1 TEASER 1
* Le Déluge Version 1 TEASER 2
* Workstation





I give lectures and I also teach music, composition, sound art, electroacoustic music and piano in different institutions and schools of music.

Teaching at ESMUC BARCELONA (electroacoustic composition) and at TALLER DE MUSICS - SUPERIOR (composition and orchestration)